Hello Patrick,

I would be easy to populate a all users groups in LDAP
or all staff users
or all student group and populate them via the privilege tree

That would be the easiest way to go about it, having a user group with
the LDAP identification that are needed. This is what we are currently
doing but with shibboleth at CSUEB. I had our Identity management
group populate this fields for within people soft and create the
groups in VCL. I don't know how helpful this is in LDAP pulling for a
directory, but there might already have a group populated for all
students, might want to talk to the person who runs the Identity


On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 9:02 AM, James Patrick Sigmon <jpsig...@ncsu.edu> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I've been adding in different colleges into VCL via LDAP and plan to 
> eventually have it so that it groups like you have at NC State.  However, to 
> start I'm just interested in at least giving everyone the same basic access 
> to a few images.  I was wondering how I could easily go about doing this.  As 
> I stand right now, I can login via LDAP but don't have any privileges yet.  I 
> have hunch this will involve the privilege tree and some grouping, but also 
> editing a few files (perhaps authentication.php, and ldapauth.php).  Again, 
> I'm not sure and any advice would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Patrick Sigmon

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