Hey Josh,

That's exactly what I was looking for.  However, I haven't got it working yet.  
I made the code change, but no user groups were created.  So I figured maybe I 
needed to manually create them and then they would populate.  I did that, and 
gave them the privileges I wanted but to no avail.

How am I supposed to get the groups once I make the code change.



On Feb 11, 2011, at 1:31 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> Patrick,
> An easy way to make all users a member of a specific group would be to add 
> the 
> following line to authmethods/ldapauth.php right after "//TODO possibly add 
> to 
> a default group":
> updateGroups(array(getUserGroupID('All Users', $user['affiliationid'])), 
> $user['id']);
> This will result in each affiliation having an "All Users" group that all
> users from that affiliation would be members of.  If you only want a single
> group instead of one for each affiliation, just hard code the second argument 
> to getUserGroupID instead of using $user['affiliationid'].
> As a side note, remember that once you start to make changes to the code, 
> you've made your upgrade path a little more difficult.  The easiest way to 
> find the changes you made to then make the same changes to a new version of 
> the code is to download a fresh copy of the version you have running, and 
> then do a diff between that and your running code.  Then, make the same
> changes to the new version, and you should have your modifications applied
> to the new version.  Even better, make patches for your changes and then 
> just apply them to the new version.
> Josh
> P.S. I didn't actually test that line of code.  :)
> On Friday February 11, 2011, James Patrick Sigmon wrote:
>> Hey Guys,
>> I've been adding in different colleges into VCL via LDAP and plan to
>> eventually have it so that it groups like you have at NC State.  However,
>> to start I'm just interested in at least giving everyone the same basic
>> access to a few images.  I was wondering how I could easily go about doing
>> this.  As I stand right now, I can login via LDAP but don't have any
>> privileges yet.  I have hunch this will involve the privilege tree and
>> some grouping, but also editing a few files (perhaps authentication.php,
>> and ldapauth.php).  Again, I'm not sure and any advice would be helpful.
>> Thanks,
>> Patrick Sigmon
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