I am a senior IT student at Dixie State College and for my senior project I
am looking into setting up a VCL for our CIT department. As I am only a
student, I have very limited resources to work with. I have been provided
with a 24" IMac to use (as an up to date computer) and have been allowed to
use any older computers that are just being stored in the networking closet
(mostly just a bunch of old Pentium 3 or Celeron machines with not much
hardware specs to them). So my question is, when setting up a stand alone
test environment for VCL, can I install everything (database configuration,
web code installation, management node installation, VMWare server) all on
that single IMac (which I currently have up and running with centos 5.5 and
all the download files needed for apache vcl) or are separate machines
needed (i.e. I would have to use one/some of the old P3 machines)? Thanks
again for all your help!

-Tyler Hardesty

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