So I have been trying to set up a test machine installing everything on an
Imac loaded with centos 5.5... I'm using the instructions for setting up a
test machine using only VMware server 2.0.2 (don't have any blade machines)
and I think I've made it to the point where I need to create a windows base
image... The instructions say: "The instructions assume that VMware has been
configured with the following bridged networks:

   - VMnet0: bridged to private interface: eth0
   - VMnet2: bridged to public interface: eth1"

... My machine only has eth0 (no eth1)... is that a virtual NIC or are there
separate instructions somewhere for installing and configuring VMware server
2.0.2 to be compatible with Apache VCL (I've never used VMware server until
about a week ago when I installed it and configured it on a test machine at
home using the instructions on the VMware site... I created 3 test machines
but their network configs don't seem to be the same as what Apache VCL is
looking for)

Any help would be great!!!! Thanks!

-Tyler Hardesty

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