That's interesting.  I know the immediate concern is Open Labs that mostly run 
Windows.  But I am sure Engineering may need a Linux option.

On Mar 10, 2011, at 11:21 AM, Sean Dilda wrote:

> One of the big drivers for us is the fact that VCL supports deploying linux 
> desktops and View does not.  Since we need an alternative to our linux labs, 
> that knocks VMware View out of the running for us.
> On 3/10/11 11:13 AM, Aaron Peeler wrote:
>> Hello Nate,
>> Apache VCL and VMware View are separate solutions. I'm not an expert on
>> View, I've seen the sales rep. demo's etc. So I can only comment from a
>> somewhat biased viewpoint. :) If someone else on the list has more to
>> add on VMWare View that what's here, please do.
>> Differences
>> Apache VCL is:
>> - open source (free)
>> - community driven support
>> - community driven development
>> - built for Edu's by system-admins from Edu's.
>> - can provision, virtual machines and bare-metal (using xCAT), existing
>> stand-alone Unix based machines from a lab for non-walkin hours use.
>> -not locked into a single hypervisor or vendor.
>> supports vmware products (free server, ESXi, ESX), virtual box
>> - highly customizable, ability to extend to use other provisioning
>> tools, VCL development roadmap includes kvm support, maybe others
>> - ease of scale out - (add more HW)
>> - Course block allocations - priority allocations for sets of end-users,
>> courses or workshops, etc
>> - Current OS support for win7,winxp,win2003,win2008,ubuntu,CentOS,
>> RedHat, - easy to add more.
>> - Audit-able, source is open for tracing
>> - cost of entry is low
>> - Many more.
>> View:
>> - Commercial product
>> - VMWare support available
>> - One benefit I see is the PCoIP protocol. It would do a better job for
>> video streaming and probably CAD programs than remote desktop connection.
>> - requires vcenter licensing. ?  $$
>> Hope this helps.
>> Aaron
>> On 3/10/11 10:17 AM, Nathaniel McMullin wrote:
>>> We are currently investigating Virtual Labs for our Students.  We'd like to 
>>> deploy VMWare View to complement our existing ESX infrastructure which 
>>> hosts our servers, and eventually allow for thin clients for our 
>>> Faculty/Staff.  The short-term, Phase 1, is to allow for more Open Lab 
>>> space.  With that said, we need to ensure students can get onto the Virtual 
>>> Labs and having a Reservation System would fill this need.
>>> Looking at Apache VCL I am wondering if this is simply a separate solution 
>>> that would not tie into VMWare View or or Apache VCL simply see VMWare View 
>>> as "physical" computers and that's how it would be best to implement.  Does 
>>> anyone have experience tying the two together?  Many thanks.
>>> -Nate @ UNH (SA).

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