Hey Guys,

I just setup up ESXi for a VCL system and managed to get successful linux 
reservations to run on it.  The problem I'm having is with my Windows 7 image.  
The image wont power on and I get the following warning:

|1894|194:194|new| ---- WARNING ---- 
|1894|194:194|new| 2011-03-12 
haTask-80-vim.VirtualMachine.powerOn-562 did not complete successfully, state: 
error, error message: The task was canceled by a user.
|1894|194:194|new| ( 0) VIM_SSH.pm, _wait_for_task (line: 783)
|1894|194:194|new| (-1) VIM_SSH.pm, vm_power_on (line: 969)
|1894|194:194|new| (-2) VMware.pm, load (line: 407)
|1894|194:194|new| (-3) new.pm, reload_image (line: 687)
|1894|194:194|new| (-4) new.pm, process (line: 282)
|1894|194:194|new| (-5) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)

I'm not sure what this means.  I did some googling, but could't find anything 
relevant to my issue.  Any thoughts or suggestions?


Patrick Sigmon

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