Thanks Jim,

It turned out to be an issue with my dhcpd.conf file.  Usually when I create a 
VCL instance I use eth0 as private and eth1 as public, which is not the case 
with my current system.  As such I had the wrong mac addresses in the file.  
Not sure why the CentOS image worked with this setup, but I suppose that's 
irrelevant at this point.


On Mar 16, 2011, at 11:32 AM, James O'Dell wrote:

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> Hey Patrick,
> Glad to hear you got the image to load up.
> I saw the mention of the private address problem.
> I suspect the nic's may be in the wrong vlan.
> You'll need to check the vlan settings in your
> virtual host's profile.
> You can do a quick check by switching the vlan setting
> in the vm guests settings (e.g. 'edit settings' from
> vsphere)
> It's also possible that the guest is getting the wrong
> dhcp info. (I run a dhcp server on my management node just
> to serve the private addresses - and keep the ip addresses
> static)
> You can always log into the system from vsphere's console
> and do an "ipconfig /release" followed by "ipconfig /renew"
> to see if you are getting the correct ip from the dhcp server
> Hope this helps,
> __Jim
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