Hey Guys,

I've run into a problem with captured windows 7 images.  They seem to capture 
fine, but when you make a reservation for them they time out at the "ssh step." 
 Looking at the console, I can see why.  There is a pop-up box that reads:

"Windows could not parse or process the unattended answer file for pass 
[specialize].  The settings specified in the answer file cannot be applied.  
The error was detected while processing settings for component 

I've been frantically searching for a generic answer to this, and it sounds 
like to could be a sysprep issue, however, the image is a virtual machine.

I'm still searching for solutions on my own, but I thought it would be best to 
go ahead and post this issue as our pilot went live and I'm trying to figure 
this out ASAP.

Any help is much appreciated,

-Patrick Sigmon

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