Hey Frento,

There a couple a possibilities that come to mind that you could check.

One would be to double check your conf.php file for any incorrect values or 
typos.  In particular, double check baseurl, script, cookiedomain, and homeurl.

The other idea I have is to make sure that all of your php packages are 
installed.  I've had a few installations where somehow I missed one and it 
cause errors like what you are describing.
php-json (if your PHP version is < 5.2, this is not required)
php-ldap (if you will be using ldap authentication)
Hope this helps,

Patrick Sigmon

On Mar 24, 2011, at 1:05 AM, Frento Burton wrote:

> Not sure if this is part of the problem but I don't see a referring URL from 
> my index.php page when I view page details. Just thought I would make mention 
> of that.

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