Ironically, my installations all have the latter address.  What operating 
system is the bugged one on?  If it is RedHat, odds are you are missing the 
mcrypt-php and libmcrypt-php packages as they are not in the default repository 
for the OS.


On Mar 28, 2011, at 4:35 PM, Frento Burton wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions James,
> I checked the conf.php  file and it appears that all the values are correct. 
> Luckily enough we have two test machines we're using to implement VCL. The 
> other machine is running CentOS5 and it seems to be working fine. In 
> comparison and contrasting the working machine and the machine that doesn't 
> display the "Welcome to VCL" page, I noticed that our URL address slightly 
> differed under page info. The working machine displays the address 
> https://'ipaddress'/vcl/index.php. However, the machine that doesn't work 
> displays the address https://'ipaddress'/vcl/index.php?mode=selectauth in the 
> page info section. 
> Do you think this might have something to do with the blank page error? 
> Besides checking the Apache logs, I'm about out of possible solutions to the 
> problem....

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