The capture process enables DHCP on both the public and private interface just before the VM is powered off at the end of the capture process. This is necessary or else an image with a static address could be loaded multiple times causing IP address conflicts.

Do you have DHCP configured for the private interface? This is a requirement for VCL.

I'm guessing DHCP isn't the reason your capture is failing. Please send the vcld.log file output and I'll be able to provide additional help.

Andy Kurth

On 4/1/2011 7:19 PM, Tyler Hardesty wrote:
I'm still trying to debug why my image capturing keeps failing and I
noticed that might be a problem but I'm not sure... I have my virtual
machines all set up with static IP address because I am not able to use
DHCP in my current situation. Well I noticed that once I try to capture
an image and it fails, if I load that VM up through vmware, it's public
network interface has been switched to automatically obtain IP instead
of the static one that I gave it, could this be why the image fails to
be captured and/or how do I change it to stop reseting it back to obtain
IP automatically?


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