There is currently no way to have the video memory set to a custom amount on a per-image basis unless you modify the code.

A change was made from VCL 2.2 --> 2.2.1 to add the following line to the vmx file when it is generated:
svga.autodetect = "TRUE"

This causes the Video card setting to be set to "Auto-detect video settings" when viewed using the vSphere Client. This solved problems viewing the VM console in the vSphere Client. I'm not sure how the amount of video memory is determined using this setting but it may help your problem.

The setting the the vmx file which sets a specific video memory amount is svga.vramSize. VCL does not set this. It would be possible to add a line to the prepare_vmx subroutine in such as:
"svga.vramSize" => "8388608",

Please submit a Jira issue if you'd like to see this value be customizable in a future release.


On 3/11/2011 8:48 AM, Roger Herling wrote:
Not sure if this is possible or not but we are using esx 4.1 free
edition and I am trying to create a windows 7 image with adobe cs5 on it
and I am having some performance issues and I am wondering if the fact
that the VM only has 4mb of video memory allocated to it when the vm is
created is there a way for the vcl to create a vm with a set amount of
video memory?

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