I'm installing VCL on my fedora 13 desktop and I have created a Windows XP
virtual machine. I am trying to run the cygwin-sshd-config.sh script. I set
the file as an executable then proceed to run the command
/home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh '<PASSWORD>'. Everything goes smooth until
the last step in which I receive a Win32 1069 logon failure. I wasn't sure
if <PASSWORD> was suppose to be the actual root password I use to logon to
my Windows XP virtual machine or a new password specifically for
cygwin-sshd-confg.sh. I read around on a couple of forms that the password
to run sshd should be at least 5 - 8 characters and alphanumeric. If this is
so than my Windows XP root password does not meet that criteria.

Also, when I try to simply run the command again i get this error message;

/home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh: line 46: syntax error near unexpected
token ' {\r' '
'home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh: line 46: 'function set_config {

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Your input is greatly

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