Hello Frento,

The /home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh 'Your windows XP root password"
for the image.

It's best create the account and call it root within your Windows XP image

then in the windows image set the root user name with the "Password"

for example "R00tvcl1" would be a password you can set in Windows for
the root account. Then on your managment node run the
/home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh 'R00tvcl1' if you can ssh into it
without a password you know it's working.


On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 12:25 PM, Frento Burton <fbur...@scs.howard.edu> wrote:
> I'm installing VCL on my fedora 13 desktop and I have created a Windows XP
> virtual machine. I am trying to run the cygwin-sshd-config.sh script. I set
> the file as an executable then proceed to run the command
> /home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh '<PASSWORD>'. Everything goes smooth until
> the last step in which I receive a Win32 1069 logon failure. I wasn't sure
> if <PASSWORD> was suppose to be the actual root password I use to logon to
> my Windows XP virtual machine or a new password specifically for
> cygwin-sshd-confg.sh. I read around on a couple of forms that the password
> to run sshd should be at least 5 - 8 characters and alphanumeric. If this is
> so than my Windows XP root password does not meet that criteria.
> Also, when I try to simply run the command again i get this error message;
> /home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh: line 46: syntax error near unexpected
> token ' {\r' '
> 'home/root/cygwin-sshd-config.sh: line 46: 'function set_config {
> Has anyone encountered this problem before? Your input is greatly
> appreciated...

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