Thanks Andy, you have been sooo helpful!! My image seemed to capture
successfully, but it wasn't the Data Store Path I had to clear, it was the
Image repository path, then I ran setup again and it said image capture
successful... however now I can't seem to successfully reserve the image...
I still think it has something to do with the ip, do I need to change to a
static setup since I don't have a DHCP server handing out IPs (i.e. this is
a single machine running everything (vmware, Apache VCL, management node,
etc) that is located inside the network closet at my school and is
statically assigned an ip of and I am allowed to use IPs up
til about 205.215 but they aren't handed out by a DHCP server). Well you
will probably know better, this is my log output:

2011-04-06 12:39:59|1614|42:42|new||attempt
107: code returned false, seconds el\
apsed/remaining: 898/2, sleeping for 8 seconds
2011-04-06 12:40:03|30717|vcld:main(167)|lastcheckin time updated for
management node 1: 2011-04-06 12:40:03
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||attempt
108: waiting for vm4 to respond to S\
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||vm4 is NOT
responding to SSH, ports 22 or 24 are\
 both closed
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||waiting
for vm4 to respond to SSH, code did \
not return true after waiting 900 seconds

|1614|42:42|new| ---- WARNING ----
|1614|42:42|new| 2011-04-06
12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||failed to connect to
vm4 via SS\
H after 900 seconds
|1614|42:42|new| ( 0), wait_for_response (line: 465)
|1614|42:42|new| (-1), post_load (line: 591)
|1614|42:42|new| (-2), load (line: 415)
|1614|42:42|new| (-3), reload_image (line: 687)
|1614|42:42|new| (-4), process (line: 282)
|1614|42:42|new| (-5) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)

|1614|42:42|new| ---- WARNING ----
|1614|42:42|new| 2011-04-06
12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||vm4 never responded to SSH
|1614|42:42|new| ( 0), post_load (line: 592)
|1614|42:42|new| (-1), load (line: 415)
|1614|42:42|new| (-2), reload_image (line: 687)
|1614|42:42|new| (-3), process (line: 282)
|1614|42:42|new| (-4) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)
|1614|42:42|new| (-5) vcld, main (line: 346)

|1614|42:42|new| ---- WARNING ----
|1614|42:42|new| 2011-04-06
12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||failed to perform OS post-load
tasks on \
VM vm4 on VM host: localvmhost
|1614|42:42|new| ( 0), load (line: 419)
|1614|42:42|new| (-1), reload_image (line: 687)
|1614|42:42|new| (-2), process (line: 282)
|1614|42:42|new| (-3) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)
|1614|42:42|new| (-4) vcld, main (line: 346)

|1614|42:42|new| ---- WARNING ----
|1614|42:42|new| 2011-04-06
failed to load\
 on vm4, returning
|1614|42:42|new| ( 0), reload_image (line: 692)
|1614|42:42|new| (-1), process (line: 282)
|1614|42:42|new| (-2) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)
|1614|42:42|new| (-3) vcld, main (line: 346)

2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||inserted
computer=5, loadimagefailed, vmwarewinx\
p-xp231-v0 failed to load on vm4

|1614|42:42|new| ---- WARNING ----
|1614|42:42|new| 2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||failed
to load vm4 with vmwarewinxp-xp23\
|1614|42:42|new| ( 0), process (line: 329)
|1614|42:42|new| (-1) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)
|1614|42:42|new| (-2) vcld, main (line: 346)

to retrieve current\
 state of computer vm4 from the database
current state of com\
puter vm4 from the database: reloading
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||data
structure updated: $self->request_data\
|1614|42:42|new| computer_state_name = reloading
to retrieve\
 private IP address for computer: vm4
contents of \
/etc/hosts on this management node, contains 8 lines
IP address f\
rom /etc/hosts file:
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||zero
rows were returned from database select
owner id: 1
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||database
requested (information_schema) does not mat\
ch handle stored in $ENV{dbh} (vcl:
2011-04-06 12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||database handle
stored in $ENV{dbh}
2011-04-06 12:40:08|30717|vcld:main(167)|lastcheckin time updated for
management node 1: 2011-04-06 12:40:08
to retrieve and store da\
ta for user: = '1'
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||database
requested (vcl) does not match handle store\
d in $ENV{dbh} (information_schema:
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||database handle
stored in $ENV{dbh}
12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||data has
been retrieved for user: a\
dmin (id: 1)
/etc/mail/ line 544: fileclass: cannot open
'/etc/mail/trusted-users': Group writable directory
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||SUCCESS -- Sending
mail To:,\
 PROBLEM -- 42:42|new||vm4>localvmhost|vmwarewinxp-xp231-v0|admin

|1614|42:42|new| ---- CRITICAL ----
|1614|42:42|new| 2011-04-06
12:40:07|1614|42:42|new||reservation failed
on vm4: \
process failed after trying to load or make available
|1614|42:42|new| ( 0), reservation_failed (line: 223)
|1614|42:42|new| (-1), process (line: 332)
|1614|42:42|new| (-2) vcld, make_new_child (line: 568)
|1614|42:42|new| (-3) vcld, main (line: 346)

2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||inserted
computer=5, failed, process failed afte\
r trying to load or make available
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||inserted
computerloadlog entry
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||updated
log ending value to 'failed', logid=\
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||computer
5 state updated to: failed
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||computer
vm4 (5) state set to failed
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||request
42 state updated to: failed, last\
state to: new
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||set
request state to 'failed'/'new'
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||zero
rows were returned from database select
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||vm4 is
NOT in blockcomputers table
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||exiting
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||VCL::new destructor
called, address: 9d3c1e0
computerloadlog en\
tries matching loadstate = begin
rows from computerl\
oadlog for reservation id=42
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||number of database
handles state process created: 3
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||VCL::new process
duration: 954 seconds
2011-04-06 12:40:08|1614|42:42|new||vim-cmd call
count: 13
2011-04-06 12:40:08|30717|vcld:REAPER(718)|VCL process exited for
reservation 42, PID: 1614, signal: CHLD

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 12:20 PM, Andy Kurth <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I responded earlier to your "dynamic vs static ip" message before noticing
> this message.  I think I see the problem.  You seem to be using the same
> machine as the management node and VM host but the VM profile datastore path
> and repository path are the same.  Configure the VM profile to not use the
> image repository:
> -Click "Virtual Hosts"
> -Select localvmhost from the list and click "Configure Host"
> -Note the value next to "VM Profile"
> -Click "VM Host Profiles"
> -Select the profile being used by localvmhost and click "Configure Profile"
> -Clear the value of "Data Store Path"
> -Set "VM Disk" to networkdisk
> Your captured image should probably work in its current state even though
> the capture failed.  The image capture only failed because it was unable to
> make a duplicate copy of the vmdk directory in the image repository.  This
> feature isn't necessary if you're using a single box or all network storage.
> The only step that would have occurred if the image capture was successful
> would have been to set image.deleted and imagerevision.deleted to 0 in the
> database.  You can easily set this if you have phpMyAdmin installed or run
> 'mysql' from the command line and execute:
> UPDATE image SET deleted = '0' WHERE name = 'vmwarewin7-vm4win720-v0';
> UPDATE imagerevision SET deleted = '0' WHERE imagename =
> 'vmwarewin7-vm4win720-v0';
> Make sure the image has been put into an image group.  You should see the
> image in the "New Reservation" list.  Try to make a reservation.
> Hope this helps,
> Andy

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