I haven't seen this before but I'm guessing localvmhost hasn't been added to /etc/hosts. Whenever you see 'Name or service not known' it means hostname resolution failed.

If you were trying to follow the "Configuring a Standalone VCL Environment using VMware Server 2.0" then I think I figured out the problem. I had reworked the page and the step to configure /etc/hosts was placed after the "Configure The VM Host To Be Able To SSH To Itself" step. Sorry about that. I changed the order on that page.


On 4/15/2011 5:34 PM, Frento Burton wrote:
Hello all,

I'm getting an error message in the install phase of VCL when I try to
configure my VM host to be able to ssh to itself. I type the command on
the management node (My current VCL installation is all on one desktop);

/ssh-copy-id –i /etc/vcl/vcl.key.pub localvmhost/

I receive this error message each time;

/ssh: \342\200\223i: Name or service not known/

Not sure what exactly those numbers mean nor am I really getting much
from google with this problem. I was hoping someone can show me where I
should began troubleshooting...

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