Thanks Alex.
On Apr 19, 2011, at 12:15 PM, Alexander Patterson wrote:

> Hello,
> We have this same issue at CSUEB. We have X amount of resources and X
> amount of limited local storage space on our current Blade hardware.
> For example, we have X core blades at X mhz per core with X gb of ram
> and X GB HD of local storage that is not upgradable on our current
> hardware. I have then calculated X number of VM's can run with X
> amount of performance to failure ratio.
> We are running 20 to 22 VM"s per blade that is about 1536mb of ram
> each and we give each VM tmp directory about 1 to 3 gb of space per
> VM. This makes each VM able to have 1 core at 2400mhz per VM, with our
> current hardware. We have our Vmware tmp space set to /dev/shm and
> have giving ourself 87 gb. We had it set to 40 GB but were also
> running out of space. We have the main images and VMguest load on to
> our netappfiler02:/vol/sata1/virtualmachines .
> Here is the our solution for changing the local VMware TMP directory
> on our blades
> -Add to /etc/fstab:
> none /dev/shm tmpfs size=87G 0 0 (You can set yours to whatever)
> -Run 'mount -a'
> -Add or edit the line in /etc/vmware/config:
> tmpDirectory="/dev/shm"
> -Restart VMware: 'service vmware restart'
> -Restart the VMs on the host
> -Verify that the memory-mapped files are being stored in /dev/shm:
> 'lsof | grep vmware-root'
> -You should see the space used on /dev/shm increase.  Verify this by
> running 'df /dev/shm'.
> We are running a NFS share with our VCL, I also want to point that
> out. We have tried to use the nFS share as the tmpDirectory for
> VMware, this lead to failures and very slow speeds, the Vmware
> tmpDirectory should be hosted local if you have the space.
> I have noticed in testing as more software or data is loaded the VM's
> increases in size on both the copy image (Vmguest-XX) this is storage
> on our local NFS mount and the local blade VM directory. In campus
> testing we have found out the hard way with this method due to
> failures poor performance when reloading mutipal VM's on our small
> amount of blades. We had originaly set our system to run 30 VM"s per
> blades but ran out of resources and local storage space. When the
> system reloads 30 to 50 + VM's it's going to  pushing X amount of
> network space/local storage ect. If you run out of tmp space on your
> local blade you get all failures on all reservations once your hit the
> limit. Also when you reload 10 or 15 VM's at one time on a blade, It
> can get very slow. We don't have 100's of blades like NC state, to
> prevision and ease the load on our hardware, we had to cut the number
> of VM's per blades to increase performance. To help with consistence
> reloading, we have also changed some of the Virtual Environments with
> 4 or 5 softwares into one image; so multiple classes can use the same
> image and not have to reload a image for each class. This has helped
> tremendously here on our campus.
> Here is an example of our local storage setup on one of our Blades
> here. We are also using VCL 2.1 and Vmware 1.X with our older setup.
> [root@vclesx04 ~]# df -h
> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/sda2             7.8G  3.6G  3.8G  49% /
> /dev/sda6             3.8G  571M  3.1G  16% /var
> /dev/sda5             3.8G  188M  3.5G   6% /home
> /dev/sda1              97M   18M   75M  19% /boot
> tmpfs                  87G   36G   52G  42% /dev/shm
> netappfiler02:/vol/sata1/virtualmachines
>                      5.3T  2.2T  3.1T  42% /virtualmachines
> -Alex
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 9:26 AM, IBRAHIM MOMOH <> wrote:
>> hi Andy,
>> Thanks for your quick response.  Here are the requested details:
>> vm guest files are taking up all the space. i think they should be deleted 
>> after a session ends.
>> Provisioning module: Vmware server
>> VCL Version: VCL2.1
>> VMware version: 1.0.10
>> On Apr 19, 2011, at 10:05 AM, Andy Kurth wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> More information is necessary.  Which files are taking up the space? Which 
>>> provisioning module are you using?  Which version of VCL and VMware are you 
>>> running?
>>> -Andy
>>> On 4/19/2011 8:15 AM, momoh Ibrahim wrote:
>>>> Hi Everyone,
>>>> My university have VCL (using vmware) running on 7 blades, it is
>>>> difficult to make reservations because the blades are out of space. I
>>>> have a feeling something is not being deleted after reservations are
>>>> expired/completed. Any suggestions on what to do?
>>>> Thank you.
>>>> Ibrahim Momoh
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> Thanks,
> Alex  Patterson
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