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The simplest solution is to pick a different IP range so that you don't end up 
with an address ending with .0

The other fix would be to modify computers.php.  You'll need to modify two 
functions: processComputerInput and processBulkComputerInput.  The check that 
validates IP addresses does not allow addresses that end with '.0'.  This is 
code leftover from when it was initially developed at NCSU.  We don't have any 
subnets configured such that you could end up with an address ending with 

In processComputerInput, look for the 2nd 'if' statement, modify the 2nd to 
last conditional and change

$ipaddressArr[3] < 1


$ipaddressArr[3] < 0

In processBulkComputerInput, you'll need to make four modifications that are 
very similar to the one from processComputerInput.  Look for the conditionals 
doing a preg_match on the following items:


You'll need to make the following changes:

$startaddrArr[3] < 1   becomes $startaddrArr[3] < 0
$endaddrArr[3] < 1     becomes $endaddrArr[3] < 0
$startpraddrArr[3] < 1 becomes $startpraddrArr[3] < 0
$endpraddrArr[3] < 1   becomes $endpraddrArr[3] < 0


On Wednesday April 20, 2011, Vishnu D H wrote:
> Hi,
> I am installing VCL on my laptop for an academic project. So there is a
> VMware server running which spawns a VM with an IP address "".
> When i try to enter this IP in the vmguest computer profile, it throws an
> error saying
> "*Invalid IP address. Must be w.x.y.z with each of w, x, y, and z being
> between 1 and 255 (inclusive)"
> Can anybody suggest how to go about this problem? Hence im stuck with not
> being able to create the Base image.
> -Vishnu
> *
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