So i installed the standalone VCL on my laptop and i get the reservation for
a Virtual Machine. However i have a couple of doubts. Could someone pls
clarify them? I am not sure if its working as expected.

1. I created a VM (VM1)and a corresponding image in the database. When the
reservation succeeds, VCL still spawns a new VM (VM2) and returns the IP
address of the Bridged interface of VM1. Why does it spawn a new VM and if
it did, why is it returning the address of the VM1?

2. When it spawns the new VM (VM2), (there existed no other VM files other
than that of VM1), the VM2 is not an exact replica of VM1 ( i mean the
configurations such as the SSH, network interfaces, etc). Why is this
happening, from where is VCL getting these files for the new VM from?

Please somebody clarify.


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