Hello everyone,

The powers that be at the institution I work for have decided to allot us the 
funds necessary to set up a pilot implementation of a VCL. This pilot would be 
for approximately 20 testers to use simultaneously. So, I'm wondering, from 
those of you with experience, what would you recommend to purchase for hardware 
for a pilot implementation? Are there any questions I should be 

I might be a little over my head here as I'm a senior desktop support analyst 
and while I have minimal experience administering servers I haven't dove that 
deeply into that area yet. So any help would be appreciated.

I also have a Dell Precision 390 with 2GB RAM available to me. Would it make 
sense to upgrade that to 4GB of RAM and start playing around with a standalone 
VCL (as I've heard others talk about here)?

Adam Hechler
  Senior Analyst /
    PC Systems Administrator
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