Josh writes: [omitting everything but the one small point I want to

>>VCL keeps any unused machines in a "hot standby" state.  That means  it
>>deploys the unused machines with some image up until the point of
>>needing to  add a user account.  It uses a predictive algorithm to
>>select what image to load on a machine at the end of each reservation.
>>The idea is to get through most of the deploy procedure before someone
>>requests the image so they only have to wait for a small portion of it
>>(adding the user account and setting  up access rules) when they
>>actually make a reservation.  

  The background might be of interest - so I'll add some.

  In the early days the "zeroth order" predictive method which was used
specified a deploy with the same image used in the just-ended session.

  This was a major help. It tracked usage reasonably well and so helped
decrease the average time users had to wait for the deploy procedure to

  To further decrease that waiting time, a new predictive algorithm was
developed which looked more broadly at usage and which guided the new
deploys. It made a significant improvement in further decreasing user
wait time.

  And that's where we are today.

--henry schaffer

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