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It sounds like you are missing a computer group to management node group 
mapping.  These steps should help you check:

- -Use Manage Images->Edit Image Grouping to find what image group the image is 
- -Use Manage Images->Edit Image Mapping to find which computer group that 
group is mapped to
- -Use Management Nodes->Edit Management Node Mapping to find which management 
node group the computer group is mapped to
- -Use Management Nodes->Edit Management Node Grouping to make sure you have a 
management node in that management node group


On Sunday June 12, 2011, Yusuke Wada wrote:
> Hello, everybody.
> We did Base Image Creation and vcld.log seems to fine, but we cannot get
> new reservation via browser.
> The image capture return an output describing that the image capture was
> successfully.
> We sure the new image appear in VCL web.
> In addition, a new virtual machine created by VCL automatically to be
> reloaded, and we can access to the new virtual machine via ssh.
> However, we cannot get new reservation from "New Reservation", the
> following message appear, "Selection not currently available".
> With that, we tried to reload with our new image via "Manage Computers"
> -> "Computer Utilities" -> "Reload selected computers with this image:",
> as a result VCL web says "No functional management node was found for
> the following computers. They could not be reloaded at this time:".
> Are there any pre-require to get a new reservation?
> We would appreciate it if you could give us any advices.
> Cordially,
> Yusuke Wada, QITO Cloud Development Team, Kyushu University, Japan.
> machines--------------------------------------------
> management node : CentOS5.5
> database and web node : CentOS5.5
> VM Host : CentOS5.5
> captured VM : CentOS5.5
> Base Image : CentOS5.5
> provisioning engine : vmware server 2.0.2
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