ESXi keeps time in GMT only (no timezone) and presents time to the guest as GMT.

Every OS has a configuration option for if the hardware clock is set to GMT or localtime. It sounds like your XP and ubuntu images are configured differently than your windows 7 image.

I'd suggest installing ntp on all of your images and not worrying about the problem.

On 7/8/11 11:58 AM, Waldron, Michael H wrote:
I have noticed a problem with time display on some images when they are
run on VMware ESXi hosts vs. VMware Server 1.08 hosts.

A Windows 7 image reports the correct time when run on a VMware Server
1.08 host, however the same image running on an ESXi host reports the
time 4 hours ahead (GMT), although it says EDT.
Fri Jul 8 11:52:05 EDT 2011
Fri Jul 8 15:52:05 EDT 2011

When I connect to the ESXi host via the vShpere client, the time is the
correct EDT time, however when I ssh to the ESXi host and run date, it
displays the GMT time.

Interestingly, a WinXP image displays the correct EDT time on the ESXi
host, as well as an Ubuntu image.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with ESXi hosts?

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