Thanks Aaron.

On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 9:59 AM, Aaron Peeler <> wrote:

> The first one means you have to have computer nodes and the exsi host
> added to the vcl database.

I think I have the ESXi host added to the database (through the web GUI). I
also added a VM. They show up in Manage Computers->Computer Utilities as
shown below:

Hostname     IP Address  State        Owner        Schedule  Current Image
 Next Image  VM Host
esxi-host-1  <pubIP1>    vmhostinuse  admin@Local  VCL 24x7  No Image
  No Image    N/A
vm-1         <pubIP2>    maintenance  admin@Local  VCL 24x7  No Image
  No Image    N/A

The vcld --setup tool pulls the target node and esxi host information
> from the database.
> Aaron

I think I remembered another detail from the bootcamp. We were supposed to
create an OS installation outside of VCL (in other words not using a
reservation but directly in ESXi). That is the image that is pulled in
through vcld --setup, right?


Mark Gardner

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