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> Yes  Is this what your looking for:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Create+a+Linux+Base+Image
> Also I see vm-1 is in maintenance mode -
> go to your Virtual Hosts tool on the VCL portal,
> select the host - click the configure host
> add vm-1 to esxi-host-1
> The image capture process will detect that vm-1 is in maintenance mode
> and stop the process.
> Aaron

I corrected that and started the image capture with vcld --setup. It stopped
because I had forgotten to put vm-1 into /etc/hosts. I have fixed it but now
vcld --setup complains "ERROR: failed to insert into image table" and won't
continue. It seems like data that got entered into the database needs to be
removed. Do I jump into mysql or is there a better way?


Mark Gardner

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