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I've got the same setup, and run into what looks to be the same
problem. ( Win7 booting taking so long that the ssh connection
times out )

I've done a couple things, and it seems to have gotten better.

1) adjust the ssh timeout from 5 to 10 minutes


         '$ssh_response_timeout_seconds = 1200;'

   Why is this hard coded anyway?

2) Turn off the WINS, and the netbios-over-tcp using settings in
   the dhcp server to prevent the booting system from registering
   with a WINS server, and from using NBoT.

shared-network VCLGuestRDPnetwork {
    option netbios-name-servers noip;
    if substring ( option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 8 ) = "MSFT 5.0" {
       vendor-option-space MSFT;
       # 1 = enable, 2 = disable - NetBIOS over TCP/IP:
       option MSFT.nbt 2;

'noip' does not resolve to anything. Which causes dhcp to clear the
'netbios-name-servers' (aka WINS) setting if it is globally set.

Maybe this will help


On 9/22/2011 11:53 AM, Waldron, Michael H wrote:
> I've been running Windows 7 images on ESXi 4.1 hosts in our VCL without
> problem. When I updated several of those Windows 7 images to service
> pack 1, I'm seeing an issue where more times than not, the VM will hang
> at the Windows Starting screen for up to 30 minutes. If I revert back to
> the pre-SP1 image, it boots just fine.
> What's maddening is that it's not consistent. Some times it will boot
> normally, but many times there's this long hang while booting, which of
> course causes the reservation to fail. This happens across different VMs
> running on different ESXi hosts. The common factor is Windows 7 SP1.
> Has anyone else seen this?
> Mike Waldron
> Systems Specialist
> ITS Research Computing
> University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
> CB #3420, ITS Manning, Rm 2509
> 919-962-9778

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