I don't think this would cause us any problems. The way we use block 
allocations, we always set admin@Local as the managing group.

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In 2.2.1, there is a problem with block allocations.  You have the option to 
set the managing user group to 'None'.  If you do that for a block allocation 
that was requested by a normal user, then no one will be able to manage the 
block allocation.

In 2.3, there will be the option to grant any user group access to manage 
block allocations for just their affiliation.  I'm thinking with this option, 
there is no longer the need to select a managing user group for block 
allocations.  So, I'd like to just drop the managing user group altogether.  
In which case, if you are in a user group having the "Manage Block Allocations 
(affiliation only)" permission, on the Block Allocations page, you'd see all 
block allocations owned by people with the same affiliation you have.  If you 
are in a user group having the "Manage Block Allocations (global)" permission, 
you'd see all block allocations.

Does this sound okay to everyone?  Is anyone using the managing user group in 
such a way that this change would cause a problem?

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