Hi everyone,

   I am following the instruction of creating a base linux image 
(https://cwiki.apache.org/VCL/create-a-linux-base-image.html) , but I am very 
confused about the document, and would appreciate any help. I have the 
following settings:

  1. Blade #1: management code
  2. Blade #2: a compute node (name: CSB2, VM host computer running CentOS 5.5 
and VMware server 1.x. It has been added into the VCL database)
  3. Two guest VMs (vmguest-1, vmguest-2) assigned to the VM host  (CSB2) using 
the vcl website.

  I have created a new virtual machine using VMware console in CSB2. Now I 
would like  to capture it. After setting up the  network of the VM, I run vcld 
-setup on the management node. When it asks for the computer name/IP, and here 
is my confusion. If I enter CSB2, then it changes the network configuration of 
CSB2 and then shut down the node, which made the entire process failed. If I 
enter vmguest-1, it couldn't finish the capture either since vmguest-1 is not 
running. What's wrong in my process? I have read the document several times, 
but cannot figure it out. Can anyone please help?

Lei Huang

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