Hi All,

We have a testing vcl implementation up, we are currently trying to get it to 
authenticate using our shibboleth idp (simple, single idp).

I'm at the point now where I can pick Shibboleth, get redirected to our idp, 
but once I log in, I get redirected to the home of vcl as opposed to 

I manage to get to the right place if I play around with the actionurl, but 
then I always get;

You have attempted to log in to VCL using a Shibboleth
Identity Provider that VCL has not been configured to
work with. VCL administrators have been notified of the

What should I put in the URL field, I tried (without success);

https://myvcl.site.com/Shibboleth.sso/Login  (this one gets me back to the vcl 
home after successful logins, but NOT authenticated)
https://my.idp.site/idp/Login.jsp This one gives me the error above

Thank you,

Sorry if this is NOT the right place.



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