Many thanks for your advice, very helpful and exactly what i was looking for.
Many thanks for your advice too, I already have VLANs in place but was hoping 
for an automated solution that one can set and forget in a sense.



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On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 1:02 AM, Jeries, Ibrahim (Student)
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> Dear all,
> Can VCL isolate virtual machines traffic from on another?
> I.e.: have "vm1" reserved and in an active session by one user.
>       another "vm2" also reserved and in an active session by user 2
> So how can one prevent user1 from seeing user2's traffic completely? For 
> example, if used the Windows net view command not to show vm2, not be able to 
> ping vm2 or vice versa, and even if a network sniffer (Cain, WireShark and 
> the like) to be deployed not to be able to discover vm1 or any vms used by 
> other users..

This is at the network layer, VCL does not handle this level of
network separation.  Folks are accomplishing this by a third party

> Also is it possible for a single user to reserve and use more then one 
> machine simultaneously on a form of a single group? i.e: vm1 being a windows 
> server 2008, vm2 being a windows win7 (client) in which a student can reserve 
> and use both machine to practice setting up the windows server as a domain 
> controller with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and so on then join win 7 to the 
> domain..

Yes, this is handled in Manage Groups tool. Set the 'Max Overlapping
Reservations' variable to how many concurrent reservations you care to
allow for the user group this user is in.


> Many thanks,
> Ibrahim

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