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I just discovered a problem with deleting user groups that are associated with 
a block allocation.  The web interface will not let you delete a user group 
that is associated with a block allocation.  However, block allocation entries 
are kept around forever, which means that any user groups that were used for a 
block allocation can never be deleted.  Obviously, this is bad.

There are a few ways we can deal with this.  Block allocations have a status 
field that is set to 'completed' when they are done.  We could allow user 
groups that are only associated with completed block allocations to be 
deleted.  But, then, we just lost some information.  What information did we 
lose?  Probably the most useful information would be the user group name, 
however, there are other attributes associated with user groups.  Since the 
membership of the user group could be modified, we can't count on that as 
being accurate some time down the road.  If it is important to keep the 
information contained in the user group name, we could create another table 
named usergrouparchive into which deleted user groups would be moved.  Another 
option is to just add a 'deleted' flag to the usergroup table that gets 
toggled when we delete a user group instead of actually deleting the entry 
from the table.  That option introduces unique indexing issues because we 
couldn't have a unique key on the usergroup name and affiliation.

So, I'd like to know people's thoughts.  Please select which option you 

(1) I don't care about the name, just delete it from the table
(2) Archive deleted user group information to another table
(3) Use a 'deleted' flag so the entry isn't actually removed from the table
(4) Other - please specify

I like #1 best as I don't really think knowing the user group name buys us 
that much down the road.

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