I'm trying to set up my first proof-of-concept VCL instance.  I have VCL
installed and working on one machine, and I've added a VMware ESXi host
according to the docs at:


(Planning to use SSH since I don't have a VC instance to work against

...but when I get to the section marked "Adding Virtual Machines", it
doesn't seem to describe what I'm seeing.  From that page:

 1. Click Manage Computers
 2. Select the Add Multiple Computers radio button
 3. Click Submit
 4. Fill in the following: 

When I click "Manage Computers", I get a page with a list box containing
the choices, "All VM Computers", "allComputers", "newimages", and
"newvmimages".  Below that, there are three radio buttons: "Edit
Computer Grouping", "Computer Utilities", and "Edit Computer
Information:", with a list selectable fields for editing.  There's no
"Add Multiple Computers" option.

Am I reading the wrong docs?  Did I install the wrong release of VCL?
Or did I skip a step somewhere?

Michael Jinks :: mji...@uchicago.edu :: 773-469-9688
Technical Lead or something, Academic Technologies
University of Chicago IT Services
Sorry this took so long.

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