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I haven't worked with setting up VM hosts much, but it sounds like you need to 
swap your Virtual Switches so that Virtual Switch 0 is Private and Virtual 
Switch 1 is Public.

Give that a try and let us know how it works.


On Thursday November 03, 2011, Evelio Quiros wrote:
> Hello,
> Ok, I actually have tried many times to create a base image. I had it with
> NIC 1 in the private network and NIC 2 in the public previously.
> Each time, when VCL deletes my base image and copies it back to the VM
> server, the networks on the nics are REVERSED.
> When I start with nic 1 in Private and nic 2 in Public, it ends up with nic
> 1 in Pub and nic 2 in Priv. When I start with nic 1 in Public and nic 2 in
> Private, it ends up with nic 1 in Priv and nic 2 in Pub.
> The VM host profile has Virtual Switch 0 in Public and Virtual Switch 1 in
> Private. The DHCP server is only listening on the private network.
> I see unauthorized dhcp requests come in for public network IP addresses
> when VCL swaps them.
> In the last attempt, I did something new: When the new image is brought up,
> I manually swapped the nics back before VCL times out waiting for the
> image to boot. At that time, it declares the image a success, but it
> should not need such manual intervention.
> Any clues why VCL decides to swap the networks ?
> Al Quiros
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