It's not necessary to create an image from a physical machine
(probably won't work for a vmguest anyway).

But, the vcl manager must think the vcl computer is 'available'

Here's how to change a computer's state to 'available'

Manage Computers =>
        [X] Computer Utilities
        Submit =>
                [X] vmhostname1
                Change state of or delete selected computers[available]
                Confirm Change =>


On 11/10/2011 7:14 AM, Juanjo wrote:
First at all, many thanks Josh,

As I said in my first mail, I have two machines or servers. One is a VCL
node with all configuration as I have followed from VCL documentation.
The other server i a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with VMware Server 2.0. In this
last server I have two virtual machines that I have added to VCL as
documentation said.

After that I have tried to add image from one of this virtual machines
to VCL node with vcld -setup but I faced one message that it is
impossible to create image because the machines are in "maintanance"
mode, as documentation said. Thus I can not to advance in the
configuration. Is it necessary to create image with vcld -setup from a
physical machine?

Many thank again in advance,

Josh Thompson wrote:
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Welcome to the VCL community!  This is definitely the correct list to use for
VCL (non-development) related questions.

After you have imported the image using 'vcld -setup', you'll need to add the
image to an image group.

On the Privileges page, make sure there is a node with either your userid or a
user group you are a member of granted the"imageCheckOut"  permissions.  Also,
at the same node, make sure the image group you added the image to is granted
the"available"  attribute.

Those two things should get you passed the"You don't have access to any
environments and, therefore, cannot make any reservations."  error message.

We also have a chat room on freenode (IRC) that you can join to get more real-
time support - #asfvcl.


On Tuesday November 08, 2011, Juanjo wrote:

Hello everybody,

We are writing from Universitat Autònama de Barcelona Engineering School
computer support department. We are trying to install one VCL node with
a VMware Server Host as provisioning machine. I have followed the
installation process specified in next URL:

I have two servers, one with Debian 6 with MySQL and the VCL package
installed, apache-VCL-2.2.1-incubating.tar.bz2. Also I have another
server with Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS with VMware Server installed with two
virtual machines. These virtual machines have Windows XP.

I have followed all configuration process specified in the above URL but
when I try to make a reservation, I viewed the message"You don't have
access to any environments and, therefore, cannot make any reservations.".

I don't know if I am writing to the correct mail, but if it is not the
correct place, please can you inform me about how I get support about
this, I will be to much grateful about information.

Many thanks in advance,

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