1. I'm not aware of a load balancing capability in the VCL, in terms of 
spreading out reservations on servers across hypervisors. Although we have 224 
VMs in our environment spread across 24 vmhosts, and the randomness of it seems 
to suffice. We don't have the VM's assigned in order, i.e. vm1-vm8 on vmhost1, 
vm9-vm16 on vmhost2, etc. They're all kind of mixed up, not sure if that helps 
the randomness or not. Maybe someone else on the list has a clever way of doing 

2. We are using the free version of VMware ESXi 4.1, and it licenses 2 physical 
CPUs (1-6 cores each), so we get 12 cores per machine, which is the max we have 

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From: Mike Haudenschild [m...@longsight.com]
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Subject: VCL andVMWare licensing/load balancing

Hello to all.  I've been tasked with building out and managing a VCL 
implementation that will utilize VMWare ESXi 4.1 hypervisors across 5 separate 
servers.  I have trolled the existing documentation and listserv archive, but I 
have two burning questions:

1. I've read in another thread that VCL doesn't have load balancing 
capabilities per se as part of the scheduler.  How does VCL equalize the load 
of virtual machines across several hypervisors?

2. I've found that the "free" VMWare hypervisor 4.1 license caps out at one 
physical processor (with 6 cores). Are most folks running a non-free VMWare 
license alongside VCL?

I greatly appreciate any assistance that current VCL users and the dev team can 


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