Are you trying to setup extra VMware virtual hardware NICs, or just
virtual network devices / aliases within the guest OS?     Since the
.VMX file is generated by VCL with just the eth0/eth1 entries for the
two VMware virtual hardware adapters, if you are mapping to other
VMware-defined virtual hardware you would need to add custom VCL
provisioning modules to respect your custom virtual networking
hardware and insert it into the VMX file.

  I've found when I'm trying to get "special" configurations to work
within VCL systems where I may not have the time or liberty to
customize the internal VCL image setup scripts,  I've used the
/etc/init.d/vcl_post_reserve user exit (on Linux) to configure things
on top of the basic virtual hardware after the "connect" button is
pushed.    This can be an easier path for "regular OS guys" who just
want to get their images running, and don't want to understand the
internal details about VCL provisioning.

  If you really want specialized virtual hardware and want to avoid
creating customized VCL provisioning modules to handle it, you could
manage the VM up regular VMware tools, then treat the image as a "lab
machine" from VCL's viewpoint.    I would think this would be useful
for really long-running "infrastructure" VMs, since you would need to
manage the VM outside of the normal VCL VM regime (although the VM
could coexist within the same physical hardware / vmhosts as the rest
of the normal VCL-controlled VMs).

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