Hi Al,

I'm assuming that you're mounting the NFS shares on ESXi hosts, and using
those shares as the datastores for the 8 VM hosts.

If you're using "local storage" as the VM host profile, the the management
node retrieves the requested image from a centralized location, copies it
to the VM host, and then starts that image up on the target host.  In this
set up, the management node is the component of VCL that needs to be aware
of the location of the image repository.

If you're using "network storage" as the VM host profile, the images are
NOT captured to the management node's repository path during image capture.
 It assumes all the hosts are using the same network storage.  It sounds
like this might be your current setting.

Check out the "VM Disk" parameter in the virtual host profile (scroll about
4/5 down):

Check which VM host profile you're using:

   - Click *Virtual Hosts*
   - Select one of your 8 VM hosts from the pull-down
   - Click *Configure Host*
   - The current VM host profile is shown below

Check where the management node is expecting images to be located:

   - Click *Management Nodes*
   - Click *Submit* (edit management node information)
   - Click the *Edit* button next to a management node
   - Check what's in the *Install Path* box


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On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 15:46, Evelio Quiros <evq...@fiu.edu> wrote:

>  Hello,
>  Having a bit of a problem, and I guess it might be an assumption that I
> am making…
>  I have 8 VM servers on VCL. Each server is attached to NFS disks. These
> are separate NFS shares for each VM server.
> I capture a base image on one server. I can reload any computer attached
> to that server with that image. That part is ok.
>  The trouble comes when I try to reload a computer attached to a
> different VM server. VCL complains that it cant find the base image.
>  I was under the impression that VCL knew where the base image resides,
> and transfers it to the host computer.
> At least, that was what the info under "pending" said it was doing.
>  So, my question is…
>  Do the NFS shares for multiple VM servers need to be the same mount
> point ?
> Can't I have VCL find the base image on whatever VM server it was created ?
>   Thanks,
>  Al Quiros
> Florida International University

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