I've been hearing interest in an "icon on the desktop" type of access to
VCL. The idea being that you could have some kind of broker script/app that
can be run which will interact with the VCL API to create a VCL
reservation,  wait on it to be deployed, and then connect to the reserved
system (ideally without requiring the user to log in to the reserved
system). That app could then just be launched through an icon to gain
access to a VCL provisioned system.

Several years ago,  I wrote something along the lines of this in python/tk.
That was more of a proof of concept and would need a good bit of work to be
useful to others.

I'm starting this thread to start gathering information on who is
interested in this idea and what requirements you would have for it. I'd
also like to know if anyone would be interested in helping with the
development of it.

So, if you have any interest in this,  please reply to this thread with
-requirements you would have
-how you would envision it to work
-any interest in development of it

Josh Thompson
VCL Developer
North Carolina State University

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