Yes, there is a very simple method of using VNC, which is available with most 
Linux distros. Make sure you have both vnc and vnc-server packages installed in 
the image. You don't have to have the VNC client installed on the end-user's 
desktop, you can use the client in the Linux image.

To start a full desktop:
- Make sure you are running an X-window manager on the user desktop.
- ssh into the Linux machine  (set ssh client to forward X11 packets)
- vncserver -localhost
- vncviewer localhost:1

The vncserver command will start a desktop session, prompting to set a password 
that will be used to connect to it. The vncviewer command will connect to the 
desktop session, the user is prompted for the password they just set. The 
desktop is then displayed on the user's desktop as an X11 display.


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From: Mike Haudenschild []
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Subject: Full desktop Linux images?

Good afternoon, VCL users --

I was curious if anyone else is running full Linux desktops (e.g. with GNOME) 
with VCL.  Specifically, is there an implemented method for connecting to the 
GUI (i.e. as RDP is used with Windows), or are Linux images restricted only to 
the shell?  Any tips/tricks?

Many thanks,

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