H, Aaron --

I'm still bothered primarily by this:

2012-02-28 13:32:34|10951|20:20|image|OS.pm:is_ssh_responding(405)|vsphere
is NOT responding to SSH, SSH command failed, port 22: open, port 24:
2012-02-28 13:32:34|10951|20:20|image|VMware.pm:initialize(257)|unable
to control OS of VM host vsphere using VCL::Module::OS::Linux::UnixLab
OS object because VM host is not responding to SSH


|10951|20:20|image| ---- WARNING ----
|10951|20:20|image| 2012-02-28
13:32:34|10951|20:20|image|VMware.pm:initialize(273)|no methods are
available to control VM host vsphere, the vSphere SDK cannot be used
to control the VM host and the host OS cannot be controlled via SSH

You shouldn't have to mess with the vSphere SDK if you don't want to.
 Controlling the ESXi host via SSH should work fine.  The log seems to show
the port is open, but the connection failed.

I'm able to replicate this string of errors when I remove my ESXi hosts
from the /etc/hosts file on the management node.  Make sure the hostname
and IP in /etc/hosts corresponds with's in VCL.  Could you please send us a
screenshot of the "Edit Computer Information" page for the VM host?

I think I recall you already saying that you can manually SSH from the
management node to the ESXi host.  Can you connect via key auth, then run
sample commands on the ESXi host, like:

*vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms   (list all the VMs on the host)*
*vim-cmd vmsvc/power.off [vmnumber]    (power off a VM)*
*vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on [vmnumber]    (power on a VM)*

Other than turning on SSH management, have you made any other changes to
the ESXi host from installation?  Do you have any resource groups set up on
the host?

Also, I'd sent you an earlier email about the config on the VM Host Profile
page -- could you please send a screenshot of your settings on that page?


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On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 13:25, Aaron Bryant <amb...@pitt.edu> wrote:

> This is an update on my progress with my problem.
> Problem:  I am attempting to create a base image using ssh key
> authentication.  The process fails after I begin the vcld -setup with
> various problems.  I have followed the documentation in every way, but have
> come to an impasse.  The following are what I have tried:
> - Added DNS entry for shortnames
> - Changed the syntax of the hosts file from IP Address - Alias - Hostname,
> to IP Address - Hostname - Alias (Just to make sure this wasn't causing a
> problem)
> - Disabled SELinux
> There were some suggestions about the hosts file being incorrect, so I
> have attached it as well.  All Perl modules have been successfully
> installed.  I am not using the vSphere SDK, but ssh key authentication to
> connect to the VMware server.  I have no problems being able to SSH from
> the management node to the virtual machines.
> If this problem can't be fixed, I'm considering switching to the vSphere
> SDK.  If I do, is there any simple documentation for setting it up?
> Aaron Bryant
> Attached is the vcld -setup logfile, and hosts file

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