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Pick an image to be the "parent".  Then, edit that image's profile by going to 
Manage Images and clicking Edit for the image.  Click the "Advanced Options" 
section to expand it.  Click the Manage Subimages button.  Add any images you 
want to be part of the cluster (note that these changes are immediate; you 
don't click a save button or anything).  Now, when you make a reservation for 
the parent image, you will get the whole cluster.  Subimages are not recursive 
- - i.e. if you add a subimage that has subimages assigned to it, you only get 
the one subimage, not the subimage's subimages as well.


On Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:39:08 PM Evelio Quiros wrote:
> Hello,
> Now that I have VCL working to provide single virtual machines, how do I
> setup a cluster of machines in VCL ? How do I setup the situation where a
> user can reserve a small cluster out of a group of resources (a head node
> and child compute nodes) ?
> Thanks,
> Al Quiros
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