On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 2:29 PM, B Hartlieb <har...@rpi.edu> wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> Once I added 'root' with an Administrator role to Vmware Server 2, as per
> your suggestion, it worked. I was able to capture a base image.

Glad you got it working.

> I added the Base Image to an Image Group.
> Mmm, I am noticed that the Base Image name has change it name with in Vmware
> server, which is good. But the instance is still running. which I assume is
> normal.

Yes, this is normal.  Whenever an image is created, the computer that
was used is automatically reloaded with the captured image when the
imaging process is complete.  The name wasn't just changed -- the
original VM was totally erased and a new one was created named after
the captured image.

> I'm guessing that the next step is to create a new image from this Base
> Image.
> I choose 'Create / Update an Image', and the Reservation screen opens, which
> is normal. I can't seem to be able to choose NOW. I can schedule a time in
> the future, and the reservation works fine. Is this normal? Is there a way
> to shut down the Base Image instance (letting vcl/database know that it is
> now free), with out making a reservation for some future time frame?

Have you defined more than 1 VM in VCL?  If the only VM you have
defined is the one that was used to capture the image then you won't
be able to make a reservation until the end time of the reload
reservation is reached.  You can look at the request table to see if
there are any reservations preventing you from making a "Now"

If you have multiple VMs, then there are a few things to check.  First
check the state of the VMs which the image is configured to load on.
Look at Manage Computers > Computer Utilities.  Are there any VMs in
the "Available" state?

If there are available computers, check the image-computer grouping
and mapping.  Make sure a path exists from your image to the computers
which are available according to the diagram on this page:

If everything seems to be mapped correctly, does the database reside
on the same computer as the web server?  There could be a time sync or
timezone issue.


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