I can't speak to issue with 2.3, since it's unreleased, but 2.2.1 is stable
enough for production use.  If you'd like to post some of details of what
you encountered, I'm sure the list can help.

Regarding the last point ("You don't have access to any environments"),
make sure that your images are in groups (Manage Images --> Edit Image
Grouping) and that the image groups have access to at least one Computer
Group containing some of your VMs (Manage Images --> Edit Image Mapping).
 I like to use the "checkbox grid" tab in both of those screens for the
best overview.  Once that's done, your admin user should be able to make a


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On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 19:28, n.johnson10 <n.johnso...@saints.mhcc.edu>wrote:

>  Hello,
>  I'm working on a test VCL lab and I have been having issues with getting
> VCL to work properly.  It's been quite frustrating and I would appreciate
> the help.
>  I had previously installed VCL 2.2.1 but I got tired of dealing with the
> constant bugs that were affecting my test lab when using VMware, so I
> obtained the latest revision of VCL 2.3 from the SVN and upgraded the VCL
> 2.2.1 installation.
>  Now I am encountering an issue with 2.3...  When I visit a page that
> uses Dojo it will produce a javascript error " 'Dojo' is undefined. " and
> cause any scripts on the page to not load.   I installed Dojo Toolkit 1.5.0
> to /var/www/html/dojo ..   I noticed when viewing the page source that
> there is javascript links to files that don't exist...  Eg:
> vclManageGroups.js ..  I have done some searching and I couldn't find
> anything that would explain why the file is missing.
>  One that thing,  when I visit the New Reservations page, it will say
> 'You don't have access to any environments" even though I am running as the
> admin user and have VMs added to the database.   Is this a permissions
> issue or a bug?
>  Thanks.

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