We began working with the VCL software about two years ago at Amherst College, 
and in that time, the community has grown well beyond its NCSU roots. I am 
seeing significantly more activity on the lists as well as more JIRA issues and 
contributed code from the wider community. I would also support a vote for 

As for the website, I agree that some design work would be really useful. I am 
assuming that ASF would provide a hosting arrangement, i.e. a domain like 
vcl.apache.org<http://vcl.apache.org>? Would that also include server space to 
run any type of CMS? Confluence is a nice all-in-one package, though if you are 
considering a complete overhaul of the site, I could also recommend a system 
like Drupal (MySQL + PHP). Drupal has a lot of bells and whistles that can make 
for a very nice, highly interactive site. The downside of drupal is that it is 
not specifically designed to handle software documentation. On the other hand, 
if we only need to serve static html pages that focus on documentation, etc, I 
can also recommend Sphinx. The downside of Sphinx is that it is really best for 
Python and C++ projects, and it doesn't support web-based updates -- it does 
create excellent sites, though.

I am also a little unclear on the timeframe for modifying the website -- it 
this something that would be done prior to graduation or upon graduation?

Aaron Coburn

Aaron Coburn
Systems Administrator and Programmer
Academic Technology Services, Amherst College

On May 2, 2012, at 9:14 AM, Aaron Peeler wrote:

I feel we have meet our diversity issue and also expect to add more
committers over the next couple of months. I would positively support
a vote for graduation.

I agree on the other points mentioned.

Status page needs to be updated. We can work on this part easily.

The web site needs to be migrated off confluence. Has anyone
researched other CMS options for the website. I think this would be a
good community discussion thread. Which CMS, the layout, (content,
documentation, design ideas, etc.)


On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Andy Kurth 
<andy_ku...@ncsu.edu<mailto:andy_ku...@ncsu.edu>> wrote:
This thread is to discuss whether the Apache VCL community feels that
this incubating project is ready to proceed with the process to
graduate to a top level ASF project.  There are several requirements
which must be met and steps completed in order to graduate.   This
discussion thread is the first step towards graduation.  Please review
the following pages.

There are many items described in the ASF graduation documentation
which we have obviously satisfied (create a release, etc).  The
following are issues that I feel either need to be addressed, would be
concerned about regarding board/mentor approval, or have been brought
up before.  Please share your thoughts.  Also, please review the ASF
graduation documentation and bring up anything else which might be a

Status File:
This is not up to date and is missing information.  Previous board
reports need to be added.  News items need to be added containing the
string "new committer".  Doing this will cause the numberCommittersNew
column on the "Status of the Clutch" page to turn green

Also, the list of commiters in the status file and project page hasn't
changed since Apache VCL started.  The new committers obviously need
to be added.  I'm not sure how the original list was decided upon, but
I feel several names should be removed since they have not contributed
any code and some have not been involved in the community at all.  I
think the list should be Aaron Coburn, David Hutchins, Andy Kurth,
James O'Dell, Aaron Peeler, Josh Thompson.  Also, Brian Bouterse
contributed some code a while ago.  I'm not sure if he is still
interested in being a committer.

ASF requirement: "The project is not highly dependent on any single
contributor (there are at least 3 legally independent committers and
there is no single company or entity that is vital to the success of
the project)."
This issue has been raised before.  I feel we meet this requirement
and that the community is generally diverse, can govern itself, and be

This is not necessarily a requirement for graduation but I feel that
it should be addressed prior to graduation.  Our website/documentation
is pretty rough and really should be redesigned.  I'm guessing the
board members will look at it prior to voting.  In addition, there
will likely be a press release if/when we graduate and website views
will spike.  This shouldn't hold up the graduation process, but I
would like agreement that this should be completed by graduation.

Thank You,

Aaron Peeler
Program Manager
Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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