> As for the website, I agree that some design work would be really useful. I
> am assuming that ASF would provide a hosting arrangement, i.e. a domain like
> vcl.apache.org? Would that also include server space to run any type of CMS?
> Confluence is a nice all-in-one package, though if you are considering a
> complete overhaul of the site, I could also recommend a system like Drupal
> (MySQL + PHP). Drupal has a lot of bells and whistles that can make for a
> very nice, highly interactive site. The downside of drupal is that it is not
> specifically designed to handle software documentation. On the other hand,
> if we only need to serve static html pages that focus on documentation, etc,
> I can also recommend Sphinx. The downside of Sphinx is that it is really
> best for Python and C++ projects, and it doesn't support web-based updates
> -- it does create excellent sites, though.

I  believe we can run anything we like. ASF does provide the hosting
and the top-level projects do have their own url

I'm not up-to speed yet on what our options are or what the other
projects are using. The Apache infrastructure team is recommending
projects to migrate away from confluence. Has anyone else had a chance
to research which cms tools are available supported/recommended by

> I am also a little unclear on the timeframe for modifying the website -- it
> this something that would be done prior to graduation or upon graduation?

I don't think it is a requirement, but ideally it would be nice to at
least have a start on a new site by graduation time.

Aaron Peeler

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