Hi Aaron,
Thanks for the info.  I started a "Rework the Apache VCL website?"
thread a few months ago.  I'm going to reply in that thread regarding
the technical website details in order to keep this thread focused on
graduation issues.

As for the timeline, if the graduation process continues I'm guessing
we would shoot for acceptance at the June 20 or July 18 board meeting.
 If accepted, I'm not sure how long it will take to perform the
handover tasks 
but I think the website should be updated by then.


On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Aaron Coburn <acob...@amherst.edu> wrote:
> I looked through a number of existing top-level ASF project websites, and 
> they all appear to be serving up static HTML pages. Some of them use a wiki 
> at http://wiki.apache.org/{project name}; otherwise, the sites appear to be 
> generated by some sort of script/template combination. If there is a choice, 
> I would recommend following this model: using static pages as much as 
> possible will effectively eliminate almost all security and maintenance 
> issues.
> Most ASF sites do not have a search feature, and those that do rely on third 
> parties (e.g. google). It would be easy enough to follow that model, though 
> if we use Sphinx, it has a built-in (javascript-based) search engine.
> There are a lot of template-based options for building sites, and I am 
> completely unfamiliar with most of them. Velocity is another ASF project, but 
> I have never worked with it. Several years ago I used Template::Toolkit quite 
> a bit, which is written in perl. Since so much of the VCL uses perl, this 
> might be a good option -- not that one actually needs to know perl to use it. 
> It would also be possible to use an XSLT-based engine, but I XSL syntax can 
> be very unforgiving. My current favorite is Sphinx, which relies on python to 
> generate the HTML.
> Aaron Coburn
> On May 4, 2012, at 11:51 AM, Aaron Peeler wrote:
>>> As for the website, I agree that some design work would be really useful. I
>>> am assuming that ASF would provide a hosting arrangement, i.e. a domain like
>>> vcl.apache.org? Would that also include server space to run any type of CMS?
>>> Confluence is a nice all-in-one package, though if you are considering a
>>> complete overhaul of the site, I could also recommend a system like Drupal
>>> (MySQL + PHP). Drupal has a lot of bells and whistles that can make for a
>>> very nice, highly interactive site. The downside of drupal is that it is not
>>> specifically designed to handle software documentation. On the other hand,
>>> if we only need to serve static html pages that focus on documentation, etc,
>>> I can also recommend Sphinx. The downside of Sphinx is that it is really
>>> best for Python and C++ projects, and it doesn't support web-based updates
>>> -- it does create excellent sites, though.
>> I  believe we can run anything we like. ASF does provide the hosting
>> and the top-level projects do have their own url
>> <projectname>.apache.org.
>> I'm not up-to speed yet on what our options are or what the other
>> projects are using. The Apache infrastructure team is recommending
>> projects to migrate away from confluence. Has anyone else had a chance
>> to research which cms tools are available supported/recommended by
>> ASF?
>>> I am also a little unclear on the timeframe for modifying the website -- it
>>> this something that would be done prior to graduation or upon graduation?
>> I don't think it is a requirement, but ideally it would be nice to at
>> least have a start on a new site by graduation time.
>> Aaron Peeler

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