I would like to use VCL to deploy Windows 2000 images. The choices for the vcld 
–setup only present newer windows systems (XP, Win2k3, 7)

Is it possible to use vcl to deploy old systems like Windows 2000 ?

Also, I have some difficulty capturing an out-of-the-box Windows XP (unpatched, 
no updates, no service packs, no windows firewall).
This is for a class in hacking, so we needed to deploy some vulnerable systems 
to attack.

The Cygwin configuration script wants to configure the windows firewall, which 
is not installed.
I commented that part out of the script, but the SSH service does not start 
When I force the SSH service on, the image capture fails soon after.

Any way to get these unusual systems on VCL ?

Al Quiros
Florida International University

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