I would agree with James about a good set of how to guides around a simple set 
of hardware. Make it a VCL for dummies guide which goes step by step. Break it 
into pieces, maybe a YouTube video series. Maybe the whole environment could be 
done in a virtual sandbox environment.

This may sound blunt and apologize in advance but I've had other local 
university and college groups say that it is difficult to setup due to the lack 
of documentation, "holes" in the documentation and lack of examples and I agree 
with them.

Daiyu Hayashi
Lead Information Technology Consultant
Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
Cal State University Fullerton

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I support graduation. The project has a good group of supporters, and has 
demonstrated continued growth over time. It's a stable project, and should 

In the future, I hope it becomes easier to install and maintain (i.e. yum 
package management). I've been looking into what it would take to post it to 
EPEL. After graduation, this seems like a natural progression.

Also, after meeting with representatives from other campuses, I found that they 
really had a problem configuring VCL the first time (Most of the off campus 
calls I receive about VCL were asking for help configuring VCL. In particular, 
what equipment to use, how to setup DHCP, how to configure Shibboleth, how to 
make it work under windows - as for the last one, please don't!).
If there had been some examples of actual equipment configurations, and some 
screen shots of configuration pages, it would have been nice.

IMHO, it think it would be helpful to setup a demo system on the VCL website.
Just to help people who haven't had any exposure to VCL get an idea what to 
expect. From what I've experienced, people want to compare it to things like 
Citrix, but give up because they have trouble setting up a test bed.

Just my 2 cents worth,

__Jim O'Dell

On 5/1/2012 9:44 AM, Andy Kurth wrote:
> This thread is to discuss whether the Apache VCL community feels that 
> this incubating project is ready to proceed with the process to 
> graduate to a top level ASF project.  There are several requirements
> which must be met and steps completed in order to graduate.   This
> discussion thread is the first step towards graduation.  Please review 
> the following pages.
> ng+from+the+Incubator
> There are many items described in the ASF graduation documentation 
> which we have obviously satisfied (create a release, etc).  The 
> following are issues that I feel either need to be addressed, would be 
> concerned about regarding board/mentor approval, or have been brought 
> up before.  Please share your thoughts.  Also, please review the ASF 
> graduation documentation and bring up anything else which might be a 
> concern.
> Status File:
> (
> cts/vcl.xml) This is not up to date and is missing information.  
> Previous board reports need to be added.  News items need to be added 
> containing the string "new committer".  Doing this will cause the 
> numberCommittersNew column on the "Status of the Clutch" page to turn 
> green (
> Also, the list of commiters in the status file and project page hasn't 
> changed since Apache VCL started.  The new committers obviously need 
> to be added.  I'm not sure how the original list was decided upon, but 
> I feel several names should be removed since they have not contributed 
> any code and some have not been involved in the community at all.  I 
> think the list should be Aaron Coburn, David Hutchins, Andy Kurth, 
> James O'Dell, Aaron Peeler, Josh Thompson.  Also, Brian Bouterse 
> contributed some code a while ago.  I'm not sure if he is still 
> interested in being a committer.
> Diversity:
> ASF requirement: "The project is not highly dependent on any single 
> contributor (there are at least 3 legally independent committers and 
> there is no single company or entity that is vital to the success of 
> the project)."
> This issue has been raised before.  I feel we meet this requirement 
> and that the community is generally diverse, can govern itself, and be 
> self-sufficient.
> Website:
> This is not necessarily a requirement for graduation but I feel that 
> it should be addressed prior to graduation.  Our website/documentation 
> is pretty rough and really should be redesigned.  I'm guessing the 
> board members will look at it prior to voting.  In addition, there 
> will likely be a press release if/when we graduate and website views 
> will spike.  This shouldn't hold up the graduation process, but I 
> would like agreement that this should be completed by graduation.
> Thank You,
> Andy

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