Josh has a good point about not having to apply patches on an individual basis. I take this discussion as a sign of project maturity; people really do care about the project and its utility to their particular needs, and we are starting to hear from "lurkers" like me.

Josh Thompson wrote:
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Larry brought up some good points related to "lurking" in the community. By "lurking", I mean using VCL without anyone else in the community knowing it. There are other open source projects where you are really expected to be a lurker for a while until you gain a good understanding of things. Our community is not that like that! If you ask a simple question, no one is going to flame you for being a newbie. Please speak up if you have questions! We're available and happy to promote the progress of VCL. :) If you're using VCL, we'd love to hear from you, especially if you have modified it in some way to meet your needs. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to install the next version of VCL without having to apply your changes again? That can be done if you contribute them back to the project. Also, there may be others who would like the same features you have added, even if it is something simple.

I'm just trying to get more people to become vocal parts of the community.


On Thursday, May 10, 2012 3:13:02 PM Dr. Larry Burton wrote:
I suspect there are many users (may I say leechers?) like me who come
often to the VCL website to get code and directions, but do not take the
time to note the utility of VCL. To me, VCL meets my expectations of an
Apache project. First, it works. Second, it is useful. Third, there is
sufficient documentation to allow me to get the software up and running.
I've been coming to the site for more than a year, and I've noted steady
improvement -- especially the inclusion of XCAT.
I recently posted some scripts to automate the installation of VCL. My
comments and scripts are in the confluence CMS. In my case,  I was
reluctant to post out of a feeling of "not wanting to interfere" with
the project. I wonder how many others have suggestions and tips to
improve VCL and feel the same way? I would support graduation if for no
other reason than "project" status makes contribution more inviting.
VCL is technically mature, so it is time to start adding related
materials such as more utility scripts, use cases, and an unending
supply of documentation. It is okay to have multiple contributions on
how to install, geared toward different levels of user competence in
related topics. VCL has as a foundation many other open source packages.
Reuse is good, but not everyone is prepared to "install MySQL" or "open
vi and ..." The latter strikes terror to a large group of users that
want to just get on with using the package. This was my motivation for
automating the installation.
I do not disagree with the areas for improvement others have noted in
this discussion, but I do not see any of those as a reason not graduate
the project.
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