On May 18, 2012, at 10:06 AM, Andy Kurth wrote:

> I have created a Confluence page which we can use to work out the
> board resolution:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Graduation+Board+Resolution
> Once we are comfortable with the resolution, one of the PPMC members
> will propose it on the general incubator list.  The areas we need to
> work on are in bold.  We need to define the project description and
> scope.  I wrote this as "dynamically provisioning and brokering remote
> access to compute resources".  Thoughts?

Thanks for writing this. It sounds great.

> Please check the list of initial members to make sure I didn't leave
> anyone out.  This list includes both PPMC members and committers,
> correct?  If we are in agreement that the list will be the committers
> after graduation, should the status file be changed now?
> The PPMC members also need to appoint a chair for the project.  I
> would be willing to do this.  Anyone else interested?

I would support having Andy serve as chair.

> Also, 2 more issues regarding the status file:
> The stock bullets under "Project info" should be removed.
> The description is currently "VCL is a management framework for
> building, dispensing and managing virtual machine images across a set
> of bare metal machines or systems with an installed virtual machine
> hypervisor."  I don't think this is quite accurate.  How about "VCL is
> a modular cloud computing platform which dynamically provisions and
> brokers remote access to compute resources."?

That sounds much better (though I believe a comma should precede 'which').

Aaron Coburn

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